At Buy Local Lowveld, we take immense pride in spotlighting the local heroes who enrich our community through their unwavering commitment to excellence. Today, we sit down with Martin Tobias, a local business leader and co-founder of BVK to highlight their road to  transforming BVK Group into a symbol of dedication, community support, and exceptional service.

BVK attorneys

The makings of a leading local business:

“Vision without action is meaningless,” Martin tells us. He and his team at BVK Group understand this all too well. They dedicated two full afternoons to craft their shared vision, with each person’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI) intricately woven into their “why.”

But BVK Group isn’t just about accounting, audit, tax, and labor services. They’ve chosen to give their clients something more profound: peace of mind. In their line of work, this translates to meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations, including their own manager’s expectations.

They firmly believe in investing in the growth of every person within BVK. At BVK, you’re not stuck in the role you came in for. For example, Thandi began as a cleaner but soon displayed her initiative and administrative abilities, leading to her training and growth within the admin team.


What sets BVK Apart

What distinguishes BVK Group from their competitors in the industry? Martin puts it simply: it’s their dedication to understanding their clients’ expectations, helping them tackle various challenges, and providing comprehensive solutions that offer peace of mind. Their ‘why’ sets them apart, alongside their growth mindset, where everyone involved has “skin in the game.”

A Day in the Life of a Business Owner

Martin’s days follow the 80/20 rule, focusing on the most critical tasks. He starts with a priority list created the day before, tackling emails first to gain momentum. His major role? Transferring as much knowledge as possible to new team members, nurturing relationships with clients, and ensuring client expectations are met.


The Positive Impact of Supporting Local Businesses

BVK Group is a shining example of the positive impact of supporting local businesses. They recognize that the support of their local community has enabled their growth, and they’re eager to give back to the community in return. Choosing local automatically supports the local community, creating a beautiful cycle of support.

What Drives Martin Tobias

For Martin, it’s all about personal purpose and legacy. He’s driven to make a difference in people’s lives, especially in an environment where proper education has been severely lacking. Martin’s legacy now resides within BVK Group, an institution dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

Advice for Aspiring Local Business Owners

Martin’s advice to those just starting out as local business owners is straightforward: have no regrets. Dive in headfirst, focus on networking, and put yourself out there. Embrace opportunities like joining networking groups and proactively engage with your community.

In conclusion, BVK Group exemplifies the spirit of local businesses that not only excel in their field but also give back to the community that supports them. Martin Tobias and his team have shown that a local business can be a source of inspiration, solutions, and profound positive change in the community they call home.