Meet Wimpie Strydom: The heart behind Elmadrè Butchery

“If people shine through love and care by shopping from us then we know you are an awesome person. Through our great service and products we can thank you for blessing our family by supporting us.”

Wimpie is a prime example of what Buy Local Lowveld loves: Family Owned and Run Business. Elmadré was started in 1995 by Rassie Strydom (Wimpie’s Father). Their humble beginnings as a small family run business has grown into an award winning and firm favourite in the Nelspruit community. Thanks to the support of the local community Elmadré was able to expand and successfully include catering and event management as well.

Elmadrè Motto: “Family”

It’s clear that Business is so much more than a transaction, it’s a relationship. He knows that relationships are how we get the best out of each other.

Wimpie runs his business with the Intention of cultivating a family feel, where every person is served as if they are the only person in the butchery. 

Wimpie wants all his loyal customers and new customers to know and feel that you are not just a face walking into the store. Walking in you truly do feel “noticed” Here at Elmadrè “you are always welcome to greet and talk about what’s going on in your life.

Through our short interaction it was so clear that Wimpie is someone who cares about the community as a whole.

Elmadrè’s Impact on the Local Community

Wimpie knows that support for local business is more than money in the bank, it’s shoes on their children’s feet and school fees. Elmadrè proudly supports local farmers supplying fresh vegetables, free range eggs, free range chickens, and even has the makings of an offering of free range beef. His seeking out opportunities to work with the local farmers has allowed him to create and cater for the free-range market of Nelspruit.


This flows over in his work with restaurants, lodges and guest houses where he gets to support these local businesses, be supported by these locals and their community; as well as connect the local farmers to the hospitality sector as far as possible.

Innovating Tradition: Elmadrè’s Unique Offerings

Wimpie and his team use their local advantage to personalise their products to give you exactly what you need (and want) as a customer. If you come in and want 4 – 6cm steaks or your chops a certain way for the braai and rugby on Saturday – his team will make it happen.

Their meat is displayed in front of you so you can trust their quality and choose your exact offering with their unique packaging and range.

Elmadré’s contemporary twist on tradition lies in their ability to offer unique offerings like pork-free or even gluten free wors and patties. What makes their boerewors special is that their unique blend of spices. It is just straight meat, spices with all natural casings. Elmadré takes special care here because they know this is a seller by itself that people will (and do) come back for. 

The Ripple Effect: Inspiration and wisdom from his success

Wimpie humbly mentions how he doesn’t want to boast but rather wants to inspire and encourage saying: “There are miracles outside and all around us, God wants to bless us with those miracles to keep us growing as long as we stay true to ourselves and partake in honest business”


Buy Local Lowveld couldn’t agree more and we certainly are grateful for all the incredible businesses and community members supporting this initiative to continue to support leaders like Wimpie and Lou-Ann (his wife).

Where to find and support Elmadré Butchery:

The home of quality meat in Nelspruit offers just that with their central location at 106 Ferreira Street, Nelspruit. The Elmadré website is equipped with cooking guides, downloadable hamper price lists and menu examples for their catering.

Having had the privilege to connect with Wimpie though we know that the best way is to head on over and get a taste of their personal feel and quality by getting to interact with their awesome team yourself.

“I was blessed with this knowledge cultivated by my father and passed down to me: Business is a way of caring for someone else and by just being noticed you get to see the light of God shining through.”