How can I support my local community and reap the benefits, of it’s growth, in return?
There are several ways you can support local businesses to help them grow:

  1. Shop locally: Make a conscious effort to shop at locally-owned businesses for your everyday needs. Make an effort to find out who in our community is local and offers locally driven products and services. Our local Lowveld online directory is a quick and easy way in getting to know which services and products are offered in your local area
  2. Share your experience: Leave positive reviews online and tell your friends and family about the businesses you love. Social media is an effective way you can support your local businesses simply by sharing their posts and content – and the best part is that it won’t cost you a cent.
  3. Become a regular: Develop a relationship with the business owners and employees by becoming a regular customer. This way your better relationships with local community members will benefit only you in the long run when searching for better service and quality.
  4. Get involved: Attend local events, volunteer for community projects and support local organizations. This way you will find that your local community will in turn become aware of you and your products and services in return. It’s the most rewarding form or self- marketing
  5. Contribute to Local Community: Local business contribute to the community, and by supporting them, you are supporting the community. BuyLocalLowveld is an NGO with a passion for raising awareness and community support.
  6. Use Social Media: Share your experiences and photos of the local business on social media. Use hashtags and geotags to reach a wider audience. For example, the next time you post a photo of your next enjoyable restaurant meal, be sure to tag the establishment in your post.
  7. Share the good: We all have both good and bad experiences, be sure to share all your good experiences for all your friends and family to see, but when it comes to negative feedback rather approach the local business owner and share constructive experience feedback privately, almost always the owner values your feedback and goes a long way in fixing the problem.
  8. Participate in Local campaigns: Support local campaigns that promote shopping and dining locally, such as “Small Business Saturday” or “Eat Local Week”.

By doing all of these things, you can help to create a vibrant local economy and strengthen your community. Become a member of the BuyLocalLowveld community and lets’ all become part of the trend in supporting local.